After a 10 year career in behavioral science and research, I decided to utilize my skills in a new way:

I want to transform the way you communicate.

What if you knew how to ask for what you wanted in a way that would not just convince but INSPIRE others to agree? What if you knew how to negotiate so well, it became fun and easy? I can give that to you.

My formal education is in clinical psychology, specializing in biomedical research of mood disorders, specifically working one-on-one with patients to diagnose said disorders. Following this, I obtained a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

Combining my knowledge of behavioral analysis with business savvy, I began my first coaching business in 2016, helping women with interview skills. Fast forward to the present, I have created an online course for professional women unlike any other.

This is the place for you if you are looking to….

Negotiate higher pay, a better job, or a major change.

Command respect at work and otherwise, handling conflict with grace.

Present yourself confidently in any situation, no matter how uncomfortable.

Develop the intuition to quickly read a room, connect with others, and create relationships.

To put it bluntly: I teach women how to get what they want.

When I’m not working, I can be found chasing my toddler around, trying a new recipe, or looking for the next addition to my houseplant army.

Welcome to the Career Couture community, and a future where you no longer accept anything less than the best.

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